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Calculated Field Post-Function


This post function calculates field value based on the formula configured for all related issues. You define which issue should be the destination issue. 

Looking for the Global Calculated Fields post function? See the deprecation information page.



Issue relation

Related issues are identified by one of the following Jira concepts:

  • Issue link: You can define the link type to define which issues will be modified by the operation. If the post function includes the link type is ANY option, the operation will be performed on any linked issues.

  • Parent / Sub-Task: The related issue is either a parent or a subtask of the issue.

  • Epic / Issue in Epic: The other issue is either an epic related by an epic link, or it is part of an epic. This is only applicable if you have Jira Software installed.

  • JQL: A JQL query will be executed to retrieve the issues that will be modified by the post function. You can use some placeholders in the JQL query, which will be replaced with the current field values of the issue in transition. For tips on writing the JQL query, see JQL Reference or our JQL Use Cases for some examples.


To define your formula, select the field on which the calculated value has to be set, and then enter your desired formula. You can select other fields, numbers, and mathematical expressions to calculate the formula. See Calculated Field formulas for more information.

Asynchronous execution