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Getting Started with JSU for Jira Cloud



JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows is our no-code solution to help you and your teams work faster and more efficiently.

With our collection of post functions, conditions, and preconditions, you can configure workflow rules to increase productivity, facilitate team collaboration, and make your work transition seamlessly.

Get Started




If you want to explore examples of JSU in action before building your own automation, check out our use cases. Have a use case of your own that you want to share with other users? Let us know!

Start building automation rules

All set to go with your automation goals? Our JSU Configuration Guide has everything you need.

JSU Cloud can only be used to customize the workflows of company-managed (Classic) projects in Jira. You can still create automation rules that relate to issues in team-managed (Next-gen) projects. 

Need help?

See our Troubleshooting page for general tips and issues related to installation. If you need help with particular automation configurations, our searchable knowledge base is a good place to start.

Our Support team is always happy to assist if you encounter any issues with JSU or if you have feature requests or comments. Contact us!