Use Cases


Whether you have a specific need to solve or you want to explore the wider possibilities of JSU, our use cases will get you started. We have included examples of our more common use cases for you with scenarios or step-by-step instructions. You can use JSU to create simple automation rules or build more intricate combinations to bring more powerful functionality to your Jira projects. Why not try some out in a test instance?

Do you have another use case that you want to share with other JSU users? Let us know!


Discover how JSU can work for you:

Use Case


Automatically Remove a Closed Epic From the Backlog

Let JSU keep your backlog clean for you

Close Parent Issue When All Sub-tasks are Closed

Remove time-consuming tasks by automatically closing parent issues

Conditional Approval Process

Eliminate unnecessary downtime and friction from your approval processes

Copy or Move Attachments

Automatically share attachments with team members

Copy or Set Value Fields on Linked Issue Creation

Pre-populate fields in linked issues

JQL Use Cases

Add flexibility and refinement to your workflows with JQL

Preconditions for Post Functions

An introduction to preconditions

Testing and Fixing Bugs

Use multiple post functions to interconnect different workstreams