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Workflow Conditions

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Cloud. If you are using JSU on Jira Server or on Jira Data Center, see the Server/Data Center documentation.

Conditions determine if a workflow transition is available for the current user. JSU provides the User Is In Any Users workflow condition.

To add a condition to your workflow rule:

  1. Create a draft version of your workflow. 

  2. Select your transition, then select the Conditions tab. Existing Conditions for the transition are listed.

  3. Select Add Condition to choose a condition.

  4. Choose the required condition, then select Add.

The following workflow conditions were initially provided by the JSU app but are now maintained for Jira Cloud by Atlassian:

  • User Is In Any Groups

  • User Is In Any Roles

  • User Is In Custom Field

  • Value Field

To learn more about workflow conditions in Jira, see Atlassian's Advanced Workflow Configuration. Our Workflow Conditions documentation for JSU for Jira Server/Data Center may also provide some hints on how to configure them in Jira Cloud.