Copy Value From Other Field Post-Function



The 'Copy Value From Other Field' post function copies the value of one field to another field. You can configure any number of source/destination field pairs. In addition to copying values from fields, this post function can also copy from/to comments.

The copy operation will be performed either within the very same issue or to/from some related issue.


You must specify the relation between the source and destination issues for the field to copy. Then you can add any number of field pairs to perform the copy operation.


Issue Relation

Perform As User

Copy Fields

See also Supported Field Types, below.

Asynchronous Execution


A workflow is configured so that the 'Resolve' transition has the 'Copy Value From Other Field' post function. The function is configured to copy the value of the 'Assignee' field to the 'TextField' field. If a user resolves an issue on this workflow, the value of the 'Assignee' field will be copied to the 'TextField' field after the issue is resolved.

Supported Field Types