Update any Issue Field Post-Function



The 'Update any Issue Field' post-function updates any field to a specified value after a transition has been completed. This can be a system- or a custom field.

The field can be on the issue in transition(within the same issue) or on a related issue, like a sub-task, a linked issue, or an issue within an Epic (during the transition on the Epic).

In addition to setting values to fields, the 'Update any Issue Field' post-function can also add comments.


You must specify the field and the desired value. For example: 


Perform As User

Issue Field

Select the field you want to update.

As a destination you also have special options:

  • *** new comment ***
    A new comment will be created with the entered value.

Field Value

Please make sure that the value you enter is valid for the data type of the selected field. Also verify, that the context configuration for the project using this workflow will allow modifying the selected field.

Typically you will use text or numbers as values. User fields should be set to the account ID.

Special Macros

The following string values will be resolved at execution runtime.

If you use
as the field value (exactly this, nothing more), the user who triggered the post function will be set as a value.

If you use
as the field value (exactly this, nothing more), the current date and time will be set as the value.

Asynchronous Execution


See the above example of a Story changing the Epic Status of its Epic.

Or whenever a parent issue is set to 'In Progress' the assignee of all its sub-tasks could be set to the current user (the one changing the status on the parent).

Another example:
A developer has fixed a Bug. He proceeds in the Jira workflow to the status 'Resolved' (this might be triggered from his code pushed to Bitbucket). The 'Update any Issue Field' now adds the label 'testing-required'.
This would be a very lightweight solution. There are also cases when you need a more complex solution. Have a look at Testing and Fixing Bugs.

For more information on how to configure a post-function in Jira, see the Jira documentation.

Supported Field Types