Location Select Custom Field

JSU for Jira Server/Data Center

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Server/Data Center. If you are using JSU on Jira Cloud, you can find the documentation here.


The 'Location Select' custom field allows users to choose a preconfigured address when creating/editing an issue. The location will be shown as an inline Google Map in the issue.


You must configure the Location Select field options when creating the custom field. For example:

For information on how to configure a custom field in JIRA, see the JIRA documentation.

As of June 22, 2016, Google Maps API no longer supports keyless access (any request that doesn't include an API key). Please create a valid API Key and configure under Administration → Tab: Apps, Section JIRA Suite Utilities / Configuration.  (Since Version 1.4.12 or 1.5.2)

See also JSU General Configuration .


A user chooses the 'Sydney, Australia' option in a Location Select field when creating an issue: 

The issue, showing the Google Map:

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