Project Variables



The 'Project Variables' feature is available from JSU 2.0


Project variables let you configure project-related variables which can then be used in other modules. Currently, project variables are only used in conjunction with Create a Linked Issue .


To access 'Project Variables' you will require 'Jira Administrator' permissions. 'Administer Projects' is not sufficient.

To Access the 'Project Variables', go to the Project Administration Page and select 'Project Variables' Link in the Actions Dropdown.

Manage Project Variables

After clicking the Link 'Project Variables' will result in the following Screen:

JSU Manage Project Variables

Project Variables are simple Key/Value pairs for maximum flexibility.

  • Adding new Value: It will always display 10 rows to enter new Key/Values. After each 'Save', 10 new rows will be available.

  • Remove Values: just click the 'Trash' icon and the end of the row to remove a Key/Value pair.


Valid 'Project Variable' Keys are determent by its modules, e.g for creating Linked Issues, the following pattern is used for its Key:

1 createLinkedIssueTargetProjectKey.<Workflow Name>.<Transition Id>