JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows - Server Version

JSU for Jira Server/Data Center

Get started with JSU by going through this documentation for Jira Server and Data Center. If you are using JSU on Jira Cloud, you can find the documentation here.

Former JIRA Suite Utilities.

The JSU app contains a range of useful features that enhance Jira's base functionality.

Just set it up and automate Jira workflows at super speed with absolutely zero coding.

JSU features include new custom fields, enhancements to the Jira workflow (new conditions, validators, post-functions) and a new 'Transitions' tab on the View Issue screen. 

JSU is also packed with powerful pre-conditions for post-functions that cannot be found in other apps.

The original version of this app was written by Gustavo Martin. Since 2011 it is maintained, improved & extended by beecom.

Getting Started

Follow our step-by-step guide and see how JSU in action can automate your simple or even sophisticated workflows easily. 

Get inspired by our featured Use Cases.


Check out what's new with the latest version of the JSU app by reading the release notesJSU Release Notes

If you want to install or upgrade the JSU app, read the JSU Installation and Update Guide.

If you have already installed the JSU app, read the JSU Configuration Guide for information on how to configure and use the features of the app.

JSU app on the Atlassian Marketplace

JSU issue tracker

Jira documentation (latest version)

Appfire website: https://appfire.com/

Need Help?

Check out our Troubleshooting documentation.

If you want to report a new issue, provide feedback, or require help, please raise a request in the issue tracker for JSU project.