Bulk Copy

JSU for Jira Server/Data Center

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Server/Data Center. If you are using JSU on Jira Cloud, you can find the documentation here.

The 'Bulk Copy' feature is available from JSU 2.0


You can copy a set of issues (the current result of an issue filter) into a certain JIRA project.

Step by Step

Prepare a JIRA Filter

Use JIRA's search dialog (issue navigator) to create a filter of the issues you want to copy.

See also Atlassian's documentation.

Choose the target project

You need the permission 'Administer Projects' in the target project.

In the project administration (top right, under actions) you will find the bulk copy functionality.

Fine tune, what will be copied

In the next screen you have a few options, what exactly will be copied:

Click Bulk Copy Issues to start the copy process. You will see a progress bar to track it.

What will happen with issue links between issues?

  • If both issues which are linked, had been part of your search filter (TF-1 → TF-2) , the corresponding issue link will be created between the copies (XY-1 → XY-2).
  • If there is an issue link pointing to an issue outside of your search filter (TF-1 → TF-3), the issue link from the copied issue will point to the same issue (XY-1 → TF-3).

In what order will the issues be created?

This affects the issue keys.

Principally the new issues will be created in the same order as in the result of your search filter. However sub-tasks will always be created immediately after their parent.

I do not want to allow all my project administrators to perform bulk copy

Remember, that you need the permission 'Administer Projects' in the target project to perform bulk copy.

To further restrict this, you can create a user group with the name


and assign the users you want to allow to perform bulk copy to this group. Then only these users are allowed any more.

If the group bulkcopy-users does not exist, anybody is allowed to perform bulk copy in the projects he has the permission 'Administer Projects'.

Limits Configuration

since JSU 2.7.0

Bulk Copy can generate a lot of load on an instance. To prevent overload you can configure the following 2 limits

  • Number of issues that can be copied
  • Number of simultaneous running Bulk Copy jobs

Number of issues that can be copied

This can be configured through the Jira Application Property


The default value is 1000. How to configure Jira Application Properties is described in Advanced Jira application configuration.

Number of simultaneous running Bulk Copy jobs

This can be configured by using the following System Property

-Dch.beecom.jira.jsu.action.bulkcopy.processormanager.maxconcurrentprocessors=<Number of simultaneous Jobs>

The default Value is 10 simultaneous Bulk Copy jobs. How to configure System Properties in Jira is described in Setting properties and options on startup.