Value Field Precondition

JSU for Jira Cloud

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Cloud. If you are using JSU on Jira Server or on Jira Data Center, you can find the documentation here.


The value field precondition allows you to check whether a field on the issue matches a value.

For more complex scenarios or to combine several Value Field Preconditions, you might use a JQL Precondition.


You must specify the field you want to check, the operation you want to perform, and the value you want to check against – although you can also check against an empty value.

If a field can have multiple values (e. g., components), the precondition matches if one of the values is contained – or if it is not contained.

The following matching rules apply:

  • Text fields with operators =  or != will match with any string of text.
  • Text fields with operators >=, >, <, and <= will match with any number.
  • Number fields will match with other numbers.
  • Date fields will match with other date fields.
  • Date time fields will match with other date time fields.
  • Estimate fields (original, remaining estimate) will match with duration formatted strings like 1w 2d 3h 4m 5s. If no unit is given, minutes are assumed.
  • User fields can be matched against the user name or the account ID.
  • Sprints, select options, components, versions, issue types, priorities, resolutions, security levels, and statuses are matched against their name or ID.
  • Projects are matched against their name, key, or ID.


An update field post function is added to the create transition. A new comment should be created when the number of story points is exceeded, telling the user to break up the story.

Supported Fields

In its different modules (especially those for workflows), the JSU app supports many different field types. System fields, as well as custom fields.

However you should be aware, that not all field types or all combinations are supported. We think we cover the most important field types and are still continuously adding and improving which, and how different field types are supported. But the one you need might not work (yet). 

We recommend that you test JSU with fields to see if it is compatible with your system. Our evaluation license gives you 30 days free trial.