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Capabilities and Limitations

The Federation Filter Results gadget has a few limitations. Most users won't even bother about these, as these affect only few rather rare use cases.

Here is how to ensure FED supports your system.

Filter Definition / JQL Queries

Your filter has to be defined on the same instance, as you are using the Federation Filter Results gadget. However, it will be used to search issues across all the Jira instances in your federation.

This has the following impact:

  • Because of Jira's validation before you can save a filter, you can only use queries which are fully valid on your local instance. This includes fields and parameters.
  • The same filter will run also on the remote instances. This might not work in all cases, when you have different configurations across your Jira instances.
    We are not super strict with the remote queries. This means, they often still work fine on the remote Jira instances, although they are not strictly valid.
    If you want to be on the safe side, you should only use system fields with parameter values, which are available on all your Jira instances.

Supported System Fields

Display in the result table

The Federation Filter Results gadget can display almost all system fields of Jira Core (which are also the majority of fields of Jira Software & Jira Service Desk):

  • Affects Version/s
  • Assignee
  • Component/
  • Created
  • Creator
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Environment 
  • Fix Version/s
  • Issue Type
  • Key
  • Labels
  • Last Viewed
  • Original Estimate
  • Priority
  • Progress
  • Project
  • Remaining Estimate
  • Reporter
  • Resolution
  • Resolved
  • Security
  • Status
  • Sub-Tasks
  • Summary
  • Time Spent
  • Updated
  • Votes
  • Watches
  • Work Ratio
  • Σ Original Estimate
  • Σ Progress
  • Σ Remaining Estimate
  • Σ Time Spent



Sorting for the following system fields is NOT supported:

  • Affects Version/s
  • Fix Version/s
  • Issue Type *
  • Priority
  • Status *
  • Resolution *
  • Σ Original Estimate
  • Σ Progress
  • Σ Remaining Estimate
  • Σ Time Spent

*Limited support is available for sorting of Issue Type, Status & Resolution, as long as you are not in a multi language environment.
If your Jira world is all English, you're fine.

If you are in a multilanguage environment, for example you have different Jira instances in different languages on translated fields, FED will not recognise that they belong together.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are not officially supported. You might be surprised, that they often work fine.

Number of issues in the result

Currently we limit the number of issues per Jira instance to 250. Depending on how the issues of the different Jira instances are merged into one result within the Federation Filter Results gadget, you might get some more issues in the final result.

This limitation is to prevent any negative impact on performance.

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