Federation for Jira

Use your multiple Jira instances from one driver-seat.

No need to switch to different Jira instances.

No need to migrate.

No need to implement confusing synchronization technologies.

Federation for Jira allows you to access several Jira instances in your organization without having to go through complicated synchronization.

With Federation for Jira by beecom, you can streamline all your Jira issues into one cockpit. Filter and search for your issues from a single centralized Jira server, no matter the Jira instance they belong.

Large enterprises commonly use several Jira instances across their numerous departments. Indeed, it makes sense for tools to reflect complex organizational structures. However, the manual process of switching between separate Jira instances is fiddly and inefficient.

When you need to take control of multiple or all Jira instances in your organization, Federation for Jira by beecom is here to help.

Getting Started

Follow our step-by-step guide and see how FED can help you use your multiple Jira instances from one driver-seat.  


Check out the features of the latest version of Federation for Jira, by reading the release notesFederation for Jira Release Notes

If you want to install or update Federation for Jira, read here.

If you have already installed the Federation for Jira, read here for information on how to configure and use the features of the app.

FED app on the Atlassian Marketplace 

Jira documentation (latest version)

beecom website: http://www.beecom.ch

Need Help?

Check out our support page in the FED app documentation.