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Migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud

If you use JSU Server/Data Center and are planning a migration to Jira Cloud, you can use Atlassian’s Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) to migrate most of your JSU workflow automations.

To learn more about migrating your JSU app and its workflow rules from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, see our Jira Cloud Migration Assistant page. Before proceeding with a migration, review our feature comparison tables to understand the subtle differences between our Cloud and Server/Data Center apps.

If you are looking for documentation on a JSU Cloud to Server migration, please see  Migrating from Jira Cloud to Jira Server.

Feature summary:

  • Post-functions: All the post-functions we offer on Jira Server, are also available on Jira Cloud.

  • Preconditions for post-functions: All the preconditions we offer for Jira Server are also available on Cloud. Note that preconditions are no longer separate post functions; they are now part of the post function. See Workflow Preconditions for more information.

  • Conditions: Due to technical limitations, JSU for Jira Cloud provides only the User Is In Any Users condition. Most conditions provided in JSU for Jira Server are now integrated and maintained by Atlassian for Jira Cloud. The Status Changed and JQL conditions are not supported in Jira Cloud.

  • Validators:  All validators offered in JSU for Jira Server are supported by Atlassian and are integrated with Jira Cloud. 

  • Custom Fields: Due to technical limitations, the three custom fields we provide in JSU for Jira Server (Location, Location Select, and Directions) are not available on JSU for Jira Cloud.

  • Project Variables: JSU for Jira Server provides functionality to store variables per project which then can be used in workflow post functions. This feature is not currently supported on Jira Cloud; it's in our roadmap, and we will let you know as soon as it's available.

 See our full feature parity in JSU On-premise vs Cloud feature comparison.