Conditional Approval Process


Requires JSU 2.0+

 Optimize your approval processes based on your team's needs: e.g. Budget approval, Travel approval, or Production approval


When it comes to financial workflows in Jira, JSU will automate your budget workflows, regardless of the complexity of the process, at super speed and with zero coding necessary

Do you often set up issues that need approval to move to production? Do you need budget approval from your manager only for large budgets but not for smaller ones? In every organization, a budget approval process is required. Trigger budget approval efficiently and in accordance with your company's policies and rules with JSU. 

With JSU, you can configure your workflow to transition automatically to the correct status. 

In the example above, when the user submits the budget, JSU will continue from the DECISION status and automatically forward the process to the correct status, depending on the business rules in place: here, Budget <= 1,000 OR Budget > 1,000.

How to configure this workflow

  1. From Project Settings, go to the approvals workflow that you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit to create a draft version of the workflow.

  3. Add JSU's Follow Up Transition post function to the Submit Budget transition (or equivalent transition in your workflow). This post function evaluates the workflow conditions of all the next transitions on the target status of the current transition. If exactly one condition is valid, that transition is triggered as a "follow-up" transition.

  4. Set up two different Value Field Conditions for the transitions, "To be approved" and "Approve". You can choose the budget amount above which your budget needs approval. In this case, we enter 1,000:

    1. If Budget > 1,000 on the To Be Approved transition, then the status moves to "TO BE APPROVED".

    2. If Budget <= 1,000 on the "Approve" transition, then the status moves to "APPROVED".

  5. Publish your workflow.

  6. Add the Budget custom field to your project screen before you move on with your issue creation. See Atlassian's guide to creating custom fields to learn how.

Test your workflow

  1. Create an issue in your project and set your budget to 2,000. Start progress and check the status. JSU has automated the DECISION with the follow-up transition and moved your issue to "TO BE APPROVED" based on the conditions you set up before.

  2. You can do the same by setting your budget to 800. Start progress and check the status. The automation turned the issue status to "APPROVED"

How-to video

Watch this video to see all of this in action:

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See our documentation for some more examples and configuration screenshots.

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