Edit the workflow of a new project

Note: If you already have a Jira project on your instance that you want to modify the workflow of, it’s recommended to start reading from Edit the workflow of an existing project

Start by creating a new project in Jira. You will need this to design a simple workflow automation with JSU.

JSU for Jira Cloud - create project

Please choose the "Task tracking" project.

JSU for Jira Cloud - choose project

It’s time to edit your workflow:

On the lower left corner of the page, click on “project settings”.

JSu for Jira Cloud - project settings and workflow settings

Under Workflows, make sure to click on the pencil icon under actions.

JSU for Jira Cloud - edit workflow

You have reached the back-end view of your workflow transitions (you can change your view to text or diagram).

Follow the next steps to get an idea of how JSU features work.

JSU for Jira Cloud - workflow transitions