This is information about troubleshooting JSU in general. If you have a problem with a particular module, please also check the documentation for that module. If you have read the documentation, analyzed your log files, and tried different configurations, but still having issues, feel free to submit a support request.

Some or all functionality not working at all

In rare cases, Jira has difficulties enabling JSU. Usually, this can be solved by uninstalling/re-installing, reset, or reload.

We recommend checking the following things:

  • Manage add-ons: is the JSU app enabled?

  • Re-install the app

'Anonymous' User

JSU's functionality is only supported for logged-in users.

Re-install the JSU app

Have you tried to remove JSU and reinstall it in the Jira administration?

 No configurations (for example workflow or customer field related) will be removed during a re-installation. However, we think it's a good idea to perform a backup before - just in case.