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JSU for Jira Cloud - July 2021 Release Notes

The Products team is moving away from release version numbers for JSU for Jira Cloud and instead rolling up the release notes into “Monthly” updates from July onwards. The JSU for Jira Server release notes are unchanged.

July 2021

Our Products team is happy to announce a number of new product improvements this month, all of which are now available on the Marketplace.



  • Jira Admins can now quickly access JSU from the “Apps” menu from anywhere in Jira

  • Jira Admins can now quickly access the “Edit Workflow” page for a project when viewing an Agile board through a new “JSU” button above the board

  • The “Start Customizing” button on the Get Started page now points to the “Edit Workflow” page of a chosen project, rather than sending the user away from JSU and into the documentation

  • JSU-specific post-functions are now featured at the top of the “Add post-function” page when editing a workflow in Jira

  • New onboarding documentation highlighting these navigation changes: https://beecom-products.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JSUCLOUD/pages/1367703553

New features:

  • Add internal comments to your Service Project issues! Now you can choose to add a comment as an internal (private) note rather than as a standard comment. This feature applies to the “Create Linked Issue”, “Update Any Field” and “Copy Value From Other Field” post-functions


  • Fixed an issue where the “Linked Transition” post-function didn’t obey the sibling issue status

  • Fixed an issue where the “Create Linked Issues post-function didn’t correctly filter attachments added during a global transition

  • Fixed an issue where the “Created Linked Issue” post-function gave a misleading error message when configuring “inside the same project"