Clear Field Value Post-Function



The 'Clear Field Value' post-function clears the value of a specified field after a transition has been completed.


You must specify the field to be cleared. For example:

For information on how to configure a post-function in Jira, see the Jira documentation.


The field can be on the issue in transition(within the same issue) or on a related issue, like a sub-task, a linked issue, or an issue within an Epic (during the transition on the Epic).

See Related Issues for more explanation on this topic.

Perform As User

Position of the Post Function

It is important to place the post function in the correct order of other post functions.

Create Transition

 The 'Create' transition is the very first transition, which does not yet has a source status (only destination status - usually Open, but could also be another).

Instead of using the "Clear Field Value" post function in the Create transition, you might consider just configuring no default value for that custom field and don't show it on the create screen.

If you are using the "Clear Field Value" post function in the Create transition, you must put it before the "Creates the issue originally" post function except when clearing labels, which need to be cleared after the issue has been created.

Any other Transition (not Create)

Put the "Clear Field Value" post function anywhere before the "Update change history for an issue and store the issue in the database." post function


A workflow is configured so that the 'Close' transition has the 'Clear Field Value' post-function. The function is configured to clear the 'Security Level' field. If a user closes an issue on this workflow, the value of the 'Security Level' field will be cleared.

Supported Field Types