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If you are looking for documentation on Cloud to Server migration, please follow this link.


The JSU Development team has been working closely with Atlassian to develop an automated solution for workflow migrations from Server to Cloud instances of Jira. While it is not yet available, Atlassian is working on implementing specific APIs compatible with the Cloud Migration Assistants as part of an Early Access Program, that is expected to be available in Spring 2021. Here, we guide you through a manual migration process that can be used until Atlassian's workflow API is live.

To migrate Jira Server to Jira Cloud, you will need to consider the following things, depending on the functionality you are using in relation to the JSU App:

Workflow Condition/Validator/Post-Function

Workflows are automatically migrated to Jira Cloud, but the Workflow Configuration will be broken. This is due to how Workflow Conditions/Validators/Post-Functions work on Jira Cloud.

(warning) All Conditions/Validators/Post-Functions will need to be recreated (warning)

JSU On-premise vs Cloud feature comparison