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Language Switch for Confluence helps you manage multiple versions of pages and spaces using a single switch button.

Use the new Language Switch Wizard (v3) to link or create new page with related content or structure, so the app can recognize and link the equivalent pages. Or you can use the traditional way using page label to link to the corresponding page language.

The switch buttons let you shift from one page/space version to another more efficiently. These can be freely placed in different predefined locations of Confluence or easily configured using CSS.

Avoid the hassle of manually recreating similar Confluence pages/spaces and searching for its other related versions by installing Language Switch. The page label informs you of which version of the page or space you are in and allows you to create or find sibling pages or related versions of the original page.

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Language Switch operates on 2 concepts:

  • Switch buttons that display all versions of a page or a space you have created and would like to manage.
  • Language Switch Wizard (v3) or Confluence labels you attach to each page or space version that indicate both the relationship and difference amongst areas.

Label definition

Use the new Language Switch Wizard (v3) to link or create new pages which automatically creates page labels seamlessly.

The Language Switch is using Confluence labels to identify the language of the page and the related pages in other languages.

This example provides a simple How-To Guide to create 2 related Pages with 2 configured Languages.

First we do the Space Configuration that we support 2 Languages, in this case we use English (en) and German (de).

Navigate to General configuration -> Section: Look and Feel -> Language Switch and create the Space Configuration as follows:

Next we create or use 2 existing Spaces for English (en) and German (de) configure the Default Language for each Space.

Navigate to Space → Space Tools → Section: Look and Feel → Langue Switch and configure the corresponding Language for the Space as follows:

If you navigate to any Pages in a Space, you will find the Language Switch in the Header Toolbar.

You can customize the position of the buttons perfectly integrated into the Confluence look and feel.

Configure Pages for the Language Switch

Language Switch provides 2 way to create the corresponding language pages:

  • Using the Language Switch Wizard, which was introduced in Version 3.0 to simplify and streamline the corresponding language pages.
  • Using Page Labels: the traditional way to link the corresponding language to page. this provides full control over the naming of the labels.

for your example, we will create Products Pages in German and English.

Using Language Switch Wizard (v3)

First we prepare the English Page:

  1. Create the new Page Products in the English Space.
  2. Open the Language Switch Wizard

Then we use the Language Switch Wizard to create the German Draft Page based on the English Page Version

  1. Click the + button on the German row.
  2. Search for the Location in the German Space where the new Draft Page should be created.
  3. Click the Create button to create the new Draft Page based on the englisch Products Page. This will automatically open the confluence Editor.

For the full functionality of the Language Switch Wizard, check out the Documentation.

Using page Labels

we will use as Page Identifier products.

First we prepare the English Page:

  1. Create a new Page Products
  2. Add a Label page_products_en to mark this Page as Language English with Page Identifier products.

Then we create the German Page:

  1. Create a new Page Produkte
  2. Add a Label page_products_de to mark this Page as Language German with Page Identifier products.

Check-out more Use Cases to better understand the power of Language Switch.

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