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The Language Switch for Confluence app Confluence app can be configured on 2 different levels:

  • Global: It will be the default Configuration for all Spaces.
  • For each space: Overriding the Global Configuration.

The following sections describe the different configurations.

Global Configuration

The Global Configuration (requires Administration Permissions) can be accessed through General configuration -> Section: Look and Feel -> Language Switch.

Configuration Properties

Enabled(tick)Enable or disable the Language Switch.

Define the languages which should be displayed in the Language Switch as comma separated.

Use ISO 639-1 two-letter codes for the language to use. They will be displayed as capital letters in the Language Switch. See also the Configuration page to know how it works.


No Format


You can find the complete list of ISO 639-1 codes here


Define the Separator character that will be used between the defined languages.

Example: | => EN | DE

Position(tick)The Position of the Language Switch, see all Options.

Per Space Configuration

The per Space Configuration can be accessed through Space Tools -> Look & Feel -> Tab: Language Switch:

The per Space Configuration provides the same configuration properties as the Global Configuration. It includes an additional property 'Override Global' to allow the Global Configuration settings to be overridden.

Configuration Properties

Default Language(tick)Defines the default Language for a Space. This is important for the Language Switch Wizard to identify to which Language a particular Confluence Page belongs.

Position of Language Switch

The following options for the Position of the Language Switch are possible:

Header Toolbar, far right next to Profile Icon

The Language Switch will be placed in the Confluence header toolbar on the right side, next to the Profile icon.

Header Toolbar, left side of Quick Search

The Language Switch will be place in the Confluence header toolbar on the right side, on the left side of the Quick Search box.


This positioning option will give you the full flexibility to integrate the Language Switch into you design. This is achieved with the Language Switch Macro.