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titleJSU for Jira Server/Data Center

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Server/Data Center. If you are using JSU on Jira Cloud, you can find the documentation here.



The 'Fields Required' checks whether values for specified fields are set for a given transition.


You must select mandatory fields, when configuring the transition. For example:

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JSU default behaviour is to apply the context settings, this means that a field that is required by this check, but having no valid context for the current issue, wont be checked. Thus you may select to ignore the context, in that case a field will be required by this check, even if its context is not configured for the current issue. 

For information on how to configure a check in JIRA, see the JIRA documentation.

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Custom Error Message
Custom Error Message


A workflow is configured so that the 'Resolve' transition has the 'Fields Required' check where 'Fix Version' is mandatory. If a user attempts to resolve an issue on this workflow, where the 'Fix Version' field its value not set, the check will fail and no action will be performed.

Supported Field Types

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Supported Field Types
Supported Field Types