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For example a checkbox 'Create Bug?' might be configured as 'Custom Field that enables linked issue creation'. Only if it is ticked, a new issue will be created.
Typically this checkbox custom fields won't appear in the normal screen of the issue. Also at the end you might set them back to the original (default) value (see Copy within the Origin Issue).

Instead of letting the user choose to copy/move the attachments, you can also configure to never/always copy them.


The user will be able to select which issue type should be created.
As Jira administrator you also have to create this custom field (in the sample screenshots: Destination Issue Type). Take care of correct values of this custom field. These values have to match with the issue types available in the target project.

Configure Fields

In JSU you can define configurations in order to modify fields on the origin and new issue, only available for Create Linked Issue Post function. 

Definition of Terms for the Configure Fields Objects

This chapter provides you with definitions of the basic terms in Configure Fields.

  • Origin issue: Issue that triggered the post function
  • New issue: Issue to be created by the post function which was triggered on the origin issue

Choose your Field Configuration