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Consider the following structure of linked issues from our Linked Transition 25680447 use case:

A test case issue has several linked bugs. The bugs are linked as 'from test' to the test case.


You must put this post function after all other post functions in the same transition.


See the Use Case Testing and Fixing Bugs for a nice example, how several of our customers use it.


For general troubleshooting about JSU see Linked Transition 25680447 .

If a linked transition does not get triggered, or it even block your origin transition, these are a few things to check:

  • Did you check the log files. There are cases, when the linked transition is not performed silently. But you will find a message in the log files on the server. You might increase to logging level (as described in Linked Transition25680447).
  • What happens when you manually click the linked transition. Does it work, or might there be a problem?
  • Does this problem only happen by another user? Check that the user performing  origin transition, also has enough permissions for the linked transition.
  • Is there a transition screen for the linked transition? Is there any condition, validator or post function on the linked transition? Could these prevent the transition to be performed in an automatised way (with the 'Linked Transition' post function)?
  • In the order of all post functions of the orign transition, the 'Linked Transition' post function must be the last one.
  • Did you try to set a particular Resolution in the linked transition. Or with 'Resolution=empty' - does it then work?
  • Did you check already the documentation above? You might find antoher hint what to look for.